Produits | Clothing IXON :

IXON creates its products, develops its own materials and controls its production in order to satisfy the consumer’s expectations. The combination of five major aims enables us to compete with the biggest brands on several levels:

Design: with a Research and Development Department anticipating new trends, in constant communication with our sales forces

Quality: thanks to a double control of our production, and a very careful choice of the materials (Trimatech, Dryaxx, Thermolite)

Price: we give special attention to the market positioning of our products, always very affordable

Security: with Ixon’s Arron CE protectors, and very abrasion resistant fibres such as Noxilen and Riplan

Service: that IXON is constantly improving to better satisfy its distributors and of course customers, with warehouse storage and a permanent availability of the products, a great production flexibility and an efficient after sales service

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